I am a visual artist based in my hometown of San Francisco. Art has been a life long passion - I still have my first award from a regional competition in preschool.

I took sculpture and drawing classes in high school, learned metalworking in a year-long trade school program, and briefly studied graphic design and art history at City College of San Francisco before majoring in Business at San Francisco State University.

In addition to my studio practice as a sculptor, I also create custom works of both two- and three-dimensional art for corporate and private clients, primarily illustrations and paintings, hand-lettered signage, interior decor, and botanical arrangements. I have several years' experience in exhibition curation, event and venue coordination, and art sales. 

My current work attempts to find the parallels between the development of the human mind and the development of the universe. Specifically, I am inspired by the structures of the smallest components of the mind, ie neurons, and the similarities they bear to the smallest components of the structure of the universe at large, ie strings and Calabi-Yau shapes.

This work is inspired by reflection on my personal experience with trauma and chaos, people I encountered while working in disability rights advocacy, and a constant driving need to know why.


2007 - Untitled Exhibition, Reverie (San Francisco)

2008 - Spraypaint and Exactoblades, Amber (San Francisco)

2008 - Untitled Exhibition, A Bon Port (San Francisco)

2010 - Awesome Number One Big Fun Group Show, Medicine Agency (San Francisco)

2011 - Save Japan benefit show, Arc Gallery (San Francisco)

2016 - Orbs, Workshop (Pittsburg, PA)

Curated Venues

2008-2010 - A Bon Port, later Blush. Established program highlighting work from local emerging artists.

2010 - Medicine Agency. Established program of exhibitions of work from emerging and midcareer American artists. 

2011-2012 - 5 Claude Lane Gallery. Curation of gallery exhibitions for over a year.

2014 - San Franpsycho. Curation of store art displays. 

2016 - Mirus Gallery, Ayiti Cheri Haiti Communitiere Benefit